Meditating & Manifesting


If you’re in constant fight or flight mode, worried about what will go wrong, who will hurt you, or deceive you, you make it difficult for manifestation to occur and block your manifesting potential.

In the state of fear and anxiety, the human brain’s filtration system is only looking for the negative – what will hurt me next? Who will deceive me next?

Settling your brain through mediation provides your brain’s “me center” to reduce mind-wandering and self-referential activity. Lessening anxiety and producing better concentration.

Once your brain is in a settled state, ask yourself, “What would I love right now?” Asking yourself that question puts you into a spiritual disposition and opens your world up to limitless possibilities. Creating a peaceful, de-excited state, you’re able to hear what is being communicated by nature and allows you to access your full potential and fulfillment from within.


Ideals cited from works of Emily Fletcher:

Managing Anxiety🕉

When you feel anxiety, use that as a TRIGGER HABIT to take deep breaths and then think to yourself;

“This fear or anxiety is happening in my life to tell me what I don’t want. What do I want instead?”🕉